How To Get Pregnant - Avoid Fertility-Killing Foods

Published: 28th April 2008
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When you've been struggling for some time to get pregnant, and you believe you've tried everything, then you must begin to eliminate every potential mistake you might be making - no matter how small or trivial it may seem.

Some of these small changes can produce incredible results, especially when enough of these small changes are made together.

And there's no better place to start making these small changes than with your diet. You are what you eat, after all!

One of the foods you can eliminate from your diet right now to immediately give a boost to your fertility levels are peas.

Many women and men eat peas regularly, and since they're generally a very healthy vegetable that's not surprising. But the truth is that peas are incredibly damaging to fertility levels. This isn't something that's always been known, and it's not something that's common knowledge - that's why so many of us make the mistake of eating them while we try to conceive.

It was actually an accident that led to the discovery about peas. And believe it or not, the discovery was made in Tibet.

Scientists noticed that Tibet had one of the slowest-growing population rates on Earth. And these same scientists began to suspect that peas may be to blame. That's because the pea is a staple food in Tibet, and is consumed in large amounts.

Researchers around the world began to study this theory, and not long after they discovered a natural chemical in peas with strong anti-fertility effects. But even the researchers couldn't believe just how strong an effect this chemical was having.

When they gave this chemical to women in capsules the pregnancy rate dropped by an incredible 60 percent almost overnight. The effect was so immediate and so strong that many Asian countries began extracting the chemical from peas and using it as a contraceptive.

It even affected men. Because when men took the chemical their sperm counts plummeted by a massive 50 percent.

Despite these shocking discoveries, it's taken some time for the ideas to reach the western world. But slowly we're beginning to realise how deadly peas can be to our chances of becoming pregnant.

This is largely thanks to some studies carried out recently in the United States that confirmed what the researchers had been trying to tell us for years - that peas have the potential to completely prevent conception, and should therefore be avoided entirely until after your baby is born.

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